Ramkarthik Krishnamurthy

Software Engineer

About Me

Hi, my name is Ramkarthik Krishnamurthy. I’m a software engineer with over 7 years experience. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I primarily work with C#, ASP .NET (and I love dotnet core), SQL and JavaScript. For data access, I have used both ADO .NET and EntityFramework. I have experience creating MVC, Web API, WCF, class library and console applications. Apart from this, I have also worked with SignalR and WPF. As for CI/CD tools, I have used Jenkins, Docker, AppVeyor and Azure Pipelines.

There are some things I really enjoy and look for at a workplace:

  • Working with a team to create solid and easy to use products for users
  • Learning new things and taking more responsibilites
  • Automating stuff that can be automated
  • Writing lot of tests (I use MSTest and Xunit)
  • Frequent deployments



I was working on a side project where I had to consume a Dictionary API from a provider called WordsAPI. While I was building this, I realized that creating this as a .NET library (and eventually a Nuget package) will help other .NET developers to easily build products using WordsAPI. Having used OSS a lot, I have always wanted to create my own project and this was the best opportunity to do it.

While building this, I learned how to automate CI/CD using AppVeyor and integrate that with GitHub.


This is a project that I’m currently working on. LexisBuddy is an app that helps you learn new words and remember them. Often when I come cross new words, I Google the meaning and few days later, I have already forgotten the meaning. This made me create LexisBuddy. I have completed the API which uses dotnet core, Postgres and Docker. This makes it easy to host on a Linux VM. I have started building the Angular client which consumes this API. This will be a Progressive Web App (PWA). The main reason behind choosing Angular is to learn a modern JS framework.


Cognizant Technology

Software Engineer

September 2011 - Present

I’m currently working at Cognizant Technology as a software engineer and spend most of my time building web, batch and (sometimes) mobile applications. I work across full stack. My current team has 2 developers, 1 tester, 1 BA, 1 scrum master and 1 project owner. We follow agile process. Previously, I used to work in a huge team where we had 12 developers, 5 testers, 1 BA and 1 project owner.

I currently work on C#, ASP .NET, MS SQL, Sybase (for Facets), SignalR and JavaScript. We use Bitbucket for version control, Jenkins for build process and in-house product for deployments.

When I work on side projects, I use pretty much all the above tools. I also use side projects as an opportunity to learn new tools and some of the things I have learned over the last 2 years working on these hobby projects include: Docker, Postgres, little bit of Python and Angular.


St. Joseph's College of Engineering

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

2007 - 2011

Most people find it interesting that I have a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and yet I work in IT. When I was in college, once I got back home, I always wanted to spend time learning and doing things that are completely not related to what I was learning in class. I tried many things but eventually two of those stuck with me for a long time: programming and blogging.

It was amazing to me back then (and even now) that I can write few lines of code and see the results immediately. Suddenly, I could automate things I usually spend a lot of time on. There was no way I was NOT getting into IT.

When I'm not programming

I play soccer regularly and watch English Premier League (Manchester United fan). I also like to write. While I don’t publish most of the things that I write, I do publish some technical articles and thoughts on my blog.

I learnt Carnatic music for two years and have won some competitions when I was in school. But once I went to college, I got more into soccer and stopped taking Carnatic lessons.

Apart from these, I love to read a lot. I mostly read about philosophy, self-help, culture and business.